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Small Squadron is a flight combat game that revives Star Fox and Rogue Squadron-style gameplay with a Lego Movie aesthetic. When a battalion of forgotten toys breaks free from the attic and wages war on the house, it’s up to a 90s Polly Pocket-inspired doll and her wingman to stop them. Built for couch co-op on Nintendo Switch, Small Squadron revitalizes the genre for a new era.

Our Team

As Design Director, David Turpin focuses on game mechanics, level design, and user experience. Since earning a dual degree in games and film at USC in 2010, he’s amassed a wide breadth of development experience spanning AAA, independent and research-oriented games, as well as virtual and augmented reality applications. Today, David designs VR and AR experiences at Magnopus, working closely with Luke Schloemer to release titles such as Disney Movies VR.

David Turpin Co-founder & Design Director

Luke Schloemer started his career as an Environment Artist working at various indie studios before landing a job at Magnopus where he currently works as a Lead 3D Artist. Having shipped multiple high-fidelity VR applications like Coco VR and Mission: ISS, Luke has become a jack of all trades when it comes to real-time rendering. If the software displays a polygon, it’s likely that he’s used it.

Luke Schloemer Co-founder & Art Director

Morgen Stern is a graduate of the Screenwriting program from the USC School of Cinematic Arts. She’s worked on multiple indie projects, collaborating with fellow alums on short films, features, and documentary filmmaking.

Morgen Stern Co-founder & Lead Narrative Designer

Bryan Jaycox has worked in a range of cross-disciplinary sectors spanning Games, Tech, Fabrication, Interactive Media, and Fine Arts over the past decade and  half.  He began his career in 2005 working in Serious Games for the VR treatment of Phobias and PTSD, and since has gone on to receive his MFA in Interactive Media from USC’s #1 ranked program for games, and worked at studios such as the Institute for Creative Technologies (the birthplace of Oculus), LucasArts, and Gore Verbinski’s Blind Wink Games.  Today Bryan runs his first of its kind fabrication and design studio The Build Shop, that creates everything from invention prototypes and props for the movie industry, to devices for local escape rooms.

Bryan Jaycox Co-founder & Lead Technical Designer

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